The Office of Extremadura in Brussels was founded in 1992 to defend the interests of the region before the European institutions and to bring the activities of the European Union closer to the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Thereby, Extremadura was part of the first Spanish regions that established an Office in Brussels after Spain joined the then European Economic Community in 1986, and only a few years later than other British and German regions and municipalities did it, paving the way for the rest. Nowadays, there are about 300 regional representations in Brussels.

Along these more than 20 years of existence, the Office has evolved with the times to adapt itself to changing circumstances. A number of representatives of the political, economic, social and cultural life of the region have been in their facilities, as well as many people from Extremadura who moved to Belgium’s capital for different reasons, and representatives of the European institutions that attended activities organized by the Office.

All these people could share with the professionals and European Affairs experts that worked in the Office along these years their passion for contributing to the European construction, without forgetting about Extremadura’s reality. Adjustment, flexibility and commitment are the words that best define the Office.

Currently, the Office depends on the Directorate General for External Action of the Government of Extremadura, which is located within the organizational structure of the Presidency. Due to this dependency, the Office has an horizontal view which allows and facilitates contacts with other areas of the Government.



The main functions of the Office are:

Dialogue with the main European institutions (European Committee of Regions, European Commission, EU Council and European Parliament) as well as promotion and improvement of the image of Extremadura in the EU.

Contact and relationships with other European regions and municipalities with representation in Brussels, participation in European regions networks in which Extremadura takes part and attendance to forums organized in Brussels which are considered relevant for the region.

Advisory to the representatives of Extremadura’s society while traveling to Brussels and offer of its facilities.

Legislative monitoring and organization of events and meetings in the Office and outside, about matters of special interest to the region.

Technical assistance and participation in Working Parties of the EU Council and Comitology meetings open to regional participation.

Support to the presentation of European projects, including European partners search, in close collaboration with the European Projects Office of the Government.